Dialight Improves its Product Content, Accuracy, Pricing in IDEA Connector

Case Study

Global LED manufacturer engages IDEA Pro Data Services to boost product content and develop sustainable product updates for distributors in IDEA Connector.


Dialight is a global manufacturer that improves sustainability, safety, and operational efficiency for customers by providing high-efficiency, long-lasting LED lighting technology for industrial applications. With over a million fixtures installed worldwide, Dialight’s technology reduces energy use, cost, and environmental impact for customers.



Dialight recognized that updated product content is critical to their business, especially since the pandemic has resulted in more end-user customers using online sources of information. Without updated product content, distributors had difficulty quoting products or providing information that customers needed to make a buying decision.

Despite the importance of product data to its sales, Dialight faced staffing bandwidth constraints like many in today’s marketplace. As a result, the company was struggling with keeping its product content in IDEA Connector up-to-date.

"We were hearing from distributors, and we knew our product content needed to be updated in IDEA Connector. However, we didn’t have the staff resources in-house. We felt a bit stuck. It’s one of those things sitting on the back burner all the time and causing stress. It’s important to provide to our distributors, and I was looking for a solution.”

—Teri Kelly, Senior Pricing Coordinator at Dialight


Dialight engaged IDEA’s Pro Data Services team to help get their product content updated, add new SKUs, and develop an ongoing solution to maintain their product data.

IDEA’s Pro Data Services team started with a comprehensive data cleanse, which includes:

  • Comparing the manufacturers raw data file or PIM extract with the existing product content in IDEA Connector
  • Identifying and filling in all content gaps to enhance product content
  • Adding new products
  • Removing outdated and obsolete SKUs
  • Updating pricing
  • Finding opportunities to add marketing materials and digital assets
"IDEA Pro Data services made it so easy for us. We just provided them with our product information, and they made it happen. Their team asked good questions, mapped the content, highlighted any areas that needed to be changed, and then we approved it before IDEA’s Pro Data team loaded it into IDEA Connector.” Teri Kelly, Senior Pricing Coordinator at Dialight


By engaging IDEA Pro Data Services, Dialight overcame its resource challenges and now is providing all of its updated product information to its authorized distributors, making it easier for end-user customers to buy their products.

“We were really excited about the opportunity to work directly with IDEA to help us boost our content and accuracy, so that it was easier to maintain in the long run,” said Dialight's Kelly.

Dialight’s product data updates to IDEA Connector through Pro Data Services includes:

  • 1,300 additional SKUs
  • New images, specs and some product attributes
  • Updated pricing
  • Ability to launch new products within 10 days


According to Kelly, now that Dialight’s product data is updated, the company’s data team is focused on keeping it evergreen. The company currently has a Product Information Management (PIM) project in process which should enable Dialight to systematically update IDEA Connector in the future.

"One stop shopping is what everybody wants, but it's got to be accurate. Distributors use IDEA Connector for product content, and they need product attributes and data sheets. We want to get our product content to the point where it can be evergreen,” said Kelly. 

"For Dialight, the more information we get out in the marketplace through IDEA Connector, the better off we are." Teri Kelly, Senior Pricing Coordinator at Dialight

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